• Align this event to your overall Corporate objectives for employee development.


  • Decide which schools to invite. Base this decision on the programs that each school offers in order to ensure that the programs are in alignment with your company’s overall long-term objectives.
  • Invite related employee services to participate in order to answer questions. This could include a Human Resource individual who is knowledgeable on all employee tuition assistance questions or an employee from the education department.


  • Choose flyers, posters, email, etc. to increase awareness and ensure that the channels of communication are open to all managers regarding this opportunity and that they are aware that employees will be visiting this event.


  • Set up this event during a time of day that will maximize employee participation. Consider shift changes if applicable.


  • Event should be held in area that is easily accessible.

The primary goal at PACE (Partners in Adult Continuing Education) is to assist your organization in promoting education as a means to ensure growth and stability in your company and in the community. Whether your employees choose one accredited college or university over another, the important factor to consider is your employees’ ability to choose the best path to enhance their careers. We hope that this information helps in achieving this goal.



Hosting an Education Event | Partners in Adult Continuing Education (PACE)