(Allow 6-8 weeks for event to occur)

1. Decide on the type of event (tied to a general benefits fair or a stand-alone education fair).

2. Consider a theme that ties into organization’s objectives (i.e. “Education: The Key to Unlocking Your Success”).

3. Choose a date.

4. Decide on an appropriate location.

5. Choose the best time frame to maximize participation.

6. Decide on which schools to invite.

7. Email out invitation letter with an RSVP date (see sample invitation).

8. Promote the event internally (flyers, posters, email, newsletter, etc.).

9. Establish an appropriate line of communication with all managers to “spread the word”.

10. Offer incentives to employees to participate (i.e. ask participating schools to bring 1 or 2 promotional items to offer as door prizes).



Education Fair Checklist | Partners in Adult Continuing Education (PACE)